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You Wash Your Hands,

Why Not Their Hands?

I Mean Paws

Pawcare Questions

We won’t judge. Be honest with yourself :)

Q 1. How often do you need to clean your dog’s paws?

a. After each walk

b. Every night

c. Never

Hint: How frequently do you wash your hands?


a. After each walk
Urban life is full of irritating elements.

Q 2. What is the best way to clean your dog’s paws?

a. Cup style paw washer

b. Wet tissue

c. Dish detergent

Hint: Which one would you use?


Avoid all of them

a & b - will only boost germs and bacteria growth.
c - harsh detergent will damage the protective layer and make paws dry.  

Q 3. That ‘Fritos’ smell coming from the paws, is it healthy?

a. Yes

b. No

c. I don’t care. It’s cute

Hint: Do you feel healthy and refreshed when you stink?


b. No
Fritos smell is caused by germs and bacteria growth. It means the paws are irritated.

Q4. Why do dogs lick their paws?

a. To clean them

b. Boredom

c. No reason

Hint: What do you do when your skin feels irritated?


a. To clean them & b. Boredom
Licking their paws is a sign of irritation. They lick them to get rid of irritants.

Now You Know Better

Let’s Clean Them

But How?

Typical Way #1

Wet towel & Paw wipe

This way is super easy. However, germs and bacteria will stay right where they are on the paws.

Typical Way #2

Cup style paw washer

This method is messy. Plus, it will supply water that germs and bacteria need to grow.

Typical Way #3

Dog shampoo & Water

This way technically works great to get rid of germs and bacteria! But, it is messy and time consuming.

- Super Fast & Easy Way -

AFTERWALK Paw Gel Cleanser

No water needed. Simply apply, wipe, massage, and wipe. That’s it!

Before & After

In 3 Sec

Squeeze the gel on your fingertips (or hand) and massage paws

Wipe out the excess gel using a towel

That’s it!

Dirt, germs, and bacteria - Gone

Clean and moisturized paws

Healthy and happy pup

Here is how Holly takes care of Stella’s Paws

Video: Holly Obee

Happy Guarantee #1

Make Your Life Easier

No water mess.
Just 3 Sec.

No need to put your dog into a sink or a bathtub. AFTERWALK Paw Gel Cleanser is super fast and easy.

Happy Guarantee #2

Happier Fur Babies

Refreshed & Protected Paws

You know how it feels after walking your hands and feet with warm soapy water after a long long day. Your pup will feel the same way. Clean, refreshed & protected paws.

Happy Guarantee #3

Healthier Fur Babies

No More Licking Paws

Licking paws is a sign of irritation. The concept is similar to humans athlete's foot. Keeping them free of bad germs and bacteria can improve the condition dramatically.

Happy Guarantee #4

Keep Your Home Clean

Fresh and Clean Cuddle

Hidden bacteria, germs, dirt, and debris can be easily picked up by your dog’s paws anywhere they walk. That means they can cause irritations for you at home, too. Getting rid of these can help assure you that every cuddle will be enjoyable and clean.

Clean Formula

Healthy Pup


True made in USA

100% US sourced ingredients


Made without

- Parabens -

- Phthalates -

- Formaldehyde -

- Mineral oil -

- Dyes -




All vegan cleanser

We’re Happy

You Love It!

Real customer reviews


Real customer reviews

Great product

My dog has been having issues with their paws being irritated and licking. Think we’ve figured out the cause now but bought this to try and help give him relief. Very easy to use after a walk and not messy. Will definitely buy again when needed. - Meredith P.


Real customer reviews


We've seen an improvement in our dog paws licking, and smells good as well :) - Cinthia G.


Real customer reviews


I love this. My pup has always issues with his paws. This truly helps keeping them clean! - Vanessa S.


Real customer reviews

Worth it!

Overall my experience has been positive! My dog used to chew her paws a lot, now she only chews them a little. Her paw pads look and feel a ton better and it's not made of super delicious, irresistible ingredients like some other things we've tried. At this point I feel like this is a product we'll continue to use. - Jenny F.

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