How to Clean

Sleepy Cotton leashes are machine washable. You can simply throw your leash into your washing machine. Simply place your leash in a delicate wash bag. Select a delicate wash cycle to wash your leash.


We have a 2-month warranty policy in case of any handcrafting defects. We offer exchanges or full refunds.

Recycle Program

Sleepy Cotton leashes are made with extremely strong ropes designed to withstand harsh weather. However, life can happen, and it might be time for you to get a new leash. But don’t just throw the old one away. We have a better solution for you if your old leash’s hardware is in good shape.

Instead of throwing the old Sleepy Cotton leash away, send it to us. We will handcraft your brand new leash using your old leash’s hardware. The best part is that you get 80% off of your brand new leash. It is a way for us to say thank you for recycling and participating in making the Earth better with furry friends.


STEP 1. Fill out the form below.

STEP 2. Send your old Sleepy Cotton leash to the address below (we recommend shipping with delivery tracking).

STEP 3. Once we receive your old leash, we will send you your 80% recycle discount code.

STEP 4. Enjoy selecting and ordering your new leash.

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Address to Send Your Old Leash

1431 Greenway Drive,

Suite 800

Irving, Texas 75038, United States of America

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