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Hands Free Wearable Dog Leash

Sleepy Cotton’s new Wearable Hands Free Dog Leash is developed to take your dog walking experience to the next level. Simply wear it and you will be linked with your furry baby securely and most comfortably.

Ultra Gentle Dog Shampoo

100% US Made Ingredients - Are you able to tell the source of ingredients used in your current dog shampoo? Sleepy Cotton Ultra Gentle Dog Shampoo is made with 100% US made naturally derived plant based ingredients.

Dog Face Wash

Our gently formulated Face Wash products allow proper care to their extra sensitive facial area. This special formula is also developed to help reduce and prevent eye infections and eye boogers.

Sleepy Cotton Dog Melting Balm

Our special formulas utilize rich vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Coconut oil is our main ingredient being full of lauric acid which keeps their coat healthy, soft and strong.


Sleepy Cotton is a conscious brand focused on introducing products made with premium quality natural materials, healthy ingredients, and environmentally conscious process.

We dedicate our efforts to not only using natural materials, healthy ingredients, and environmentally friendly processes, but also to greatly reducing the use of materials, ingredients, and processes involving harsh chemicals.

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