Sleepy Cotton
Better Earth with Furry Friends

Sleepy Cotton is a conscious brand focused on introducing products made with premium quality natural materials, healthy ingredients, and environmentally conscious process.

Sleepy Cotton is a beloved brand by a large number of dog pawrents across the United States (and many other countries including Canada, and Australia). Sleepy Cotton is an Instagram famous brand, and our fan base continues to grow each day.

We understand that wholesale can be stressful, and the wholesale process requires companies to undergo a lengthy process that is definitely necessary but also time-consuming. This is why Sleepy Cotton is partnering with FAIRE.


Please note that we are currently partnering with physical, brick and mortar stores in the United States only. Online stores are currently not eligible.

What is Faire?

Simply put, Faire is a wholesale portal. However, it’s much cooler than traditional and outdated wholesale portals. Instead, Faire uses the power of technology to connect makers with boutiques all over the world.

Why Work with Faire?

There are 2 main reasons

  • As a company, professionally managing a wholesale program is a daunting task.
  • As for retailers, wholesale can be stressful and time consuming. Needing to go back and forth between maker and consumer can start to feel like a never ending ping pong game.

To be able to provide professional wholesale support, in most cases, companies will need a dedicated, trained team.

Faire helps us to eliminate many traditional wholesale steps with their system, allowing retailers to place their risk-free orders within minutes with a few simple clicks. No more unending back and forth.

How it Works

  1. Apply - Apply to our wholesale program using the form below
  2. Join - Join the system using the link provided by Sleepy Cotton
  3. Purchase - Purchase Sleepy Cotton products through
  4. Processing - Your products will be processed through
  5. Shipping - Your products will be directly shipped from Sleepy Cotton facility at Irving, TX.

Sleepy Cotton Wholesale Program
Partnering with FAIRE

  • $200 Discount: Your opening order is eligible for a $200 discount
  • Free Return: Your opening order is eligible for free returns within 60 days from the date of order - will even send you a prepaid shipping label to send back the items!
  • Free Shipping: For your opening order, shipping is free
  • Net 30 and Net 60: offers brick and mortar stores the option to apply for a credit limit. You can apply for net terms on

How do returns work?

We offer free returns on the first order through

If you’re not satisfied with your order, you are able to return your order within 60 days from the day your order was placed. Those 60 days allow you time to try out the product and return anything you don’t like for a full refund.

If your account has Net 60 payment terms, we simply won't charge you for any products you’d like to return. If you pay on shipment, any returns will be refunded directly to your original payment method.

Please note:

Once your return request is submitted, we will email you a prepaid shipping label for you to use on the package you’re sending back.

Unfortunately, we can’t accept returns for any customized products. Also, all returns must be unused and in perfect condition.

Shipping costs to retail stores are not refundable. Return shipping costs are covered by When your return request is processed, you will receive the shipping label within 72 hours.

How do I pay for orders?

All Sleepy Cotton wholesale orders are processed through

In order to purchase an item, you will need to link a credit or debit card. All payments are made through the use of credit or debit cards.

Your account type may affect the date you are charged for an order:

Net 60 terms

Anyone eligible for Net 60 terms will not be charged for their order until 60 days after the order is placed. Spending limits do apply. 60 days after the purchase date, will auto charge your card. However, if you would like to pay off your orders sooner, you can do so by logging into your account and paying through the “Invoices” tab.    

To increase your credit limit, please click the “Account” dropdown menu and fill out the application after clicking “Increase my limit.” Payment terms may only be available for brick and mortar businesses.


Payment-on-shipment orders require your payment to be due when your product is shipped by Sleepy Cotton. Once your order is in transit, your card will be automatically charged.


Can I receive a Sleepy Cotton line sheet?

Once approved, we will send you a link to our profile. You will be able to see our available products and wholesale pricing.


How long does it take to receive products?

Lead time really depends on the quantity of your order. For 250 products and under, our lead time is 14 business days. 250 to 500 quantity order, our lead time is 25 business days. Over 500 products, please send us your estimated order quantity.


What is your minimum?

Our order minimum is $250.


Where will my products be shipped from?

All our products are shipped from Irving, Texas.


Is there a fee for using

No. It is completely free. No upfront cost or membership cost.


My store is not a brick and mortar store. Is it ok?

Sleepy Cotton is currently only partnering with physical brick and mortar stores in the United States. Online wholesale is currently not available.


Wholesale application form:

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