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Solid Brass Dog ID Tag - Coin #101

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Solid Brass Dog ID Tag

Made in USA - Handcrafted from Scratch by Trained Artisans Following aggressively Tough Standard Guidelines

Sleepy Cotton Solid Brass Dog ID Tags are made with very thick 16 gauge solid brass for a stylish, durable identification option. The details are physically engraved on the tag, making them impossible to scratch off without destroying the tag itself. That makes the Sleepy Cotton Solid Brass Dog ID Tag able to withstand even the most active canine lifestyles.


Top Features

- Very thick, 16 gauge solid brass
- Permanent physical engraving
- Details are impossible to scratch off
- Font and back standard engraving
- Handcrafted & hand polished
- Handcrafted in the USA
- Heavy duty 15 mm split key ring included


Made In America

All Sleepy Cotton Brass Dog ID tags are proudly made in America. They are handcrafted and hand polished by professionally trained Sleepy Cotton artisans. Each item is individually inspected before shipping out.



- 1”, 1 1/4"



- Front and back standard
- Front: Name (Maximum 10 letters including space)
- Back: 3 lines of text. Maximum 12 letters for each line, including space


How to Order

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2. Leave below information
-a. Front: Name (10 letters maximum - including space)
-b. Back: Line 1 (Line 12 letters maximum - including space)
-c. Back: Line 2 (Line 12 letters maximum - including space)
-d. Back: Line 3 (Line 12 letters maximum - including space)

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Shipping & Processing Time

All Sleepy Cotton Solid Brass Dog ID Tags are handcrafted from scratch in the USA by trained artisans. This process usually takes from 2 - 7 business days to ensure that all products are made with extreme care, as well as hand inspected before shipping out (We ship worldwide). Your order will ship out as soon as it is ready.


Please note that this processing time is needed in order to ensure that we have the time to personally craft and customize our products with precision and care. At Sleepy Cotton, we never compromise on quality.



Due to their personalized nature, personalized products are not returnable


10% of profit is donated to animal shelters across the United States.

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