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Travel Link - Beige (Ambassador)


Safety and Style - Introducing the NEW Sleepy Cotton Travel Link


Why Your Dog Need a Seat Belt

We all wear seat belts for safety. It should be no different for dogs, especially if your furry friend enjoys sticking his or her head out the window. Safely buckling your dog with a reliable seat belt system will dramatically reduce the chance of traffic related dog injuries and fatalities. With your dog secured in place, you can focus your attention on the road ahead while your furry friend can safely enjoy the scenery. It’s a safety solution that both humans and dogs can agree on!


Top Features

- Keep furry friends safe in the car
- Dramatically reduce the chance of traffic related dog injuries
- Help prevent ejection from the vehicle
- Minimized the body’s contact with the interior
- Designed for optimal pet safety and security


Why SC Travel Link is Special

- Built to provide serious strength
- Strength tested materials only
- Rope strength - Approx. 1,500 lbs tensile strength
- Specially forged high-strength hardware
- Built with knotting techniques from rock climbing industry
- No accidental release
- Handcrafted in the USA
- All products are individually inspected before shipping


No Accidental Release

While traditional dog seat belt systems can lower the risk of traffic related injuries for your pet, one of their biggest flaws is accidental release in the event of the dog stepping on the buckle. With the Sleepy Cotton Travel Link, you’ll never have to worry about this unnecessary risk. The Sleepy Cotton Travel Link has a dog-proof design built so that only humans can safely release it.


How it Works

Are you ready to keep your furry friend secured? To install the Sleepy Cotton Travel Link, directly attach it to the latch bars in between your vehicle’s backseat crease. Then attach the Sleepy Cotton Travel Link to your dogs harness to firmly secure your pet in place.


Please note: the Sleepy Cotton Travel Link is designed for use with a harness for added safety. Do NOT use directly on collars.

Recommended Size

- S: S - 25 lb or under
- M / L - 25 - 80 lb
- Super Duty XL - 80 lb and over. Will be available soon.


Available Length

Please locate latch bars and measure the distance to dog’s attachment point. Please measure from your dog’s normal height to the latch bar at a 45 degree angle before ordering to ensure the right size is ordered.

- 16 In
- 21 In
- 26 In
- 31 In
- 36 In

Recycle Program

Our recycle program allows you to send us your old Travel Link and get a brand new one at a discounted rate of 80% off!



All Travel Link products are handcrafted in the USA. Your order will be processed within 3 - 7 business days (We ship worldwide).



Please feel free to return undamaged products in their original condition within 30 days.


10% of profit is donated to animal shelters across the United States. 

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