Cotton Rope - Classic Leash

Since cotton is a natural product, there are many advantages to using it. Cotton is the most commonly used natural fiber in the world, and it has been manufactured to bring users a number of benefits. Cotton is weatherproof, hypoallergenic, durable, and able to control moisture. These features make it an excellent material for forging a fortified leash. And of course there is everyone’s favorite bonus about cotton: it is extremely comfortable.

There is a reason why humans turn to cotton for everything from baby clothes to undergarments to t-shirts. Unlike some synthetic materials on the market, cotton is naturally soft and comforting to wear. Of course, we would love to extend the same comfort courtesy to our canines. Cotton products are sure to keep dogs comfortable, because they are also super absorbent and able to draw moisture away from the skin. This makes cotton a great material to utilize during those rainy day walks.

Upcycled Core Rope - Upcycled Core Leash

Unlike the majority of products produced these days, the process for making upcycled materials is not harmful to animals, people, or the Earth. Using upcycled materials saves energy and water and cuts down on CO2 emissions and toxic chemical usage. In fact, upcycling is the most efficient means of recycling. Not to mention nothing is sent to a landfill or incinerator!

The materials do not come from animals either (such as leather), meaning the items produced are cruelty free. Upcycled materials are of the highest quality, allowing previous products to be repurposed in new forms. While downcycling involves converting materials into a product of lesser value, the process of upcycling preserves the product value of the original materials. This allowed for the production of recycled products that are of incredibly high quality so that you can save the Earth without compromising on quality.

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All of our leashes are handcrafted here in Texas, USA by trained professionals. No hobbyist or less enthusiastic workers craft Sleepy Cotton leashes. Only trained professionals and true dog lovers get to craft our leashes following the aggressively tough standard guidelines of Sleepy Cotton.

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