Did You Know?

Almost all dog care products are made and shipped from developing countries with questionable regulations using mostly low-quality INDUSTRIAL GRADE INGREDIENTS AND WATER. If you start digging, you’d be surprised.

But don’t worry. We’re here to help you make the best decisions when purchasing your dog products in the future!

The most important thing when purchasing a dog product is reading the label and figuring out if the information is true or deceptive.


  • Unfortunately, dog products are not regulated like human products and most companies only provide a DECEPTIVE PARTIAL INGREDIENT LIST. When purchasing a product, make sure it has a true full ingredient list.
  • If it says ‘Contains’ without a full ingredient list, it means they have not listed dozens of other ingredients that they have used.
  • If you only see active ingredients, it means they have not listed dozens of other ingredients that they have used.

Source of the Ingredients

If no information is provided, unfortunately, they are most likely sourced from overseas. Highly likely from developing countries where they are made.

Quality of the Ingredients

Most developing countries have questionable regulations meaning they generally use very low-quality ingredients. Many of them are unfortunately industrial grade.

Quality of Water

As far as we know, it is very rare for a company to disclose related information. Overseas factories generally use industrial-grade water or poorly regulated tap water which is not healthy. And definitely not safe for consumption.

Where It’s Made

  • All made-in-US products have at least one made-in-USA label somewhere.
  • If you don’t see this information, it’s almost definitely made in developing countries.


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