TikTok Content Promotion
Dog-loving Community Expansion

Until now, Instagram has been our main focus. But we are preparing to expand our dog-loving community!

Partnering with us is easy! Approved ambassadors just need to post their first Sleepy Cotton related TikTok content and they will receive a free product. We provide more details to approved new ambassadors and current ambassadors!

Sleepy Cotton
Ambassador Program (Brand Partner Program)
Join Our Dog-loving Community Today!

Are you an enthusiastic dog parent? Do you have an active social media account? If so, you can become a part of the Sleepy Cotton dog-loving community!

Sleepy Cotton
Honest Ambassador Program

  • #1 - No Joining Fee - Absolutely free to join
  • #2 - No Purchase Required - It’s 100% up to you

Who Can Join the Family?

  • Enthusiastic dog lovers with active social accounts
  • Momagers
  • Hoomans with dog social accounts


  • Free product - TikTok content promotion
  • More free products - Sleepy Cotton Pawsome Ambassador Package
  • Become a co-author and appear on our main IG feed!
  • Discount code to share
  • Discount code for your own purchases
  • Monthly commission for every sale
  • No Joining Fee - Absolutely free to join
  • No Purchase Required - It’s 100% up to you

Ambassador Responsibilities

  • Create fun, adorable, and engaging content with our products
  • Review our products
  • Share your own code

How it Works

#1 - Apply

#2 - Get Your Code

#3 - Share Your Content

#4 - Collect Commission


#1 - Raise the Standards
of Overall Dog Industry

True American Made
Healthy Products

#2 - Supporting
US Manufacturing Ecosystem

True American Made
Premium Brand

#3 - Save the Environment
and the Earth

Environmentally Friendly


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