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Oddly Sweet Dental Care Oral Gel for Dogs


Dog Dental Care Product
Why 100% Real Human Food Ingredients?

Dogs can’t spit out dental care products like we do, which means your dog will end up consuming them entirely. If products like toothpaste are made just to kill bacteria using harsh synthetic ingredients, imagine what could happen to your dog internally.

Consuming harsh chemicals is NEVER BENEFICIAL, and the long-term trade-off could be detrimental.

Oddly Sweet Dental Care Oral Gel
Just Like Human Food Made in a Kitchen!

Our dog dental care Oral Gel is made just like human food products. They’re made in our own kitchens in Dallas, TX using real human food ingredients. And we (Sleepy Cotton hoomans including our owner and the CEO) taste-test them CONSTANTLY!

Designed for You to Taste it First

Yes, you heard it right. Only made with real human food ingredients, we designed Oddly Sweet Oral Gel so that you can taste it first. When it arrives, try it for yourself and discover the delicate sweetness that your dog will absolutely love.

This concept might be hard to digest but when you think about it, it all makes sense. Why give your dog something that you can’t even taste?

Oddly Sweet Taste?

The base of Oddly Sweet Oral Gel is made of US-sourced high-quality food-grade vegetable glycerin which has a naturally sweet taste.

Once tasted, your dog will love the naturally sweet dental care moments, making your dog’s dental care routine more enjoyable.

Eliminate, Reduce, and Prevent

- Oral diseases
- Bacteria growth
- Oral pain
- Bad breath
- Tartar formation

Key Benefits

- 100% made with real human food ingredients
- 100% plant-based, gluten-free, non-GMO ingredients
- 100% natural US-sourced ingredients
- 100% alcohol-free liquid extracts
- No unhealthy synthetic ingredients
- No artificial flavors or fragrances
- 100% made in USA - made in our own kitchens in Dallas, TX
- Fresh batches made weekly
- Formula you can confidently taste
- All ingredients are individually inspected by our certified Sleepy Cotton production team

Yes! (Key Ingredients)

Baking Soda, Cranberry Extract, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Calendula Extract, Thyme, Zinc, SHMP, Purified water

No! (Made Without)

Non-Food Ingredients, Animal By-Products, Synthetic Ingredients, Artificial Flavors, Colorant, GMOs, Gluten, Chlorine, Sodium Chlorite, Alcohol, Xylitol, Parabens, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, Mineral oil, Dyes, SLS/SLES, Tap water


How often do I need to use the Oral Gel?

- We recommend using it 1 - 2 times a day. Right after a meal is ideal.

Can I use the Oral Gel and Water Additive together?

- Yes. Using both would boost dental health effectiveness.

How much Oral Gel do I need to use?

- It heavily depends on the size of your dog. You should be able to spread it out thin and evenly along your dog’s gum line.

How long would it take for me to see the result?

- You can eliminate bacteria growth within a few days. But continuing the regular dental care routine is key!

Do I need to use a toothbrush to apply the gel?

- Using a toothbrush or brushing is not required, but it will boost efficiency by adding a bit of physical action. It's important not to overdo it. Go gentle so that your dog can enjoy the process.

Market Analysis
Current Dental Care Products on the Market

During the development process, we have analyzed hundreds of dental care products including dog dental care products and human dental care products (including baby dental care products).

Surprisingly, even the majority of baby dental care products include harsh chemicals you would never want to consume. If baby products include harsh chemicals, what do you think dog dental care products are made of? What we have found out is not so great.

Generic Dog Dental Care Products

- Most of them have a deceptive partial ingredient list (no clear full ingredient list)
- Most of them are made of harsh chemicals NOT MEANT FOR CONSUMPTION
- Most of them don’t have information about where they are made
- Most of them are made and shipped from developing countries with questionable regulations
- Most of them don’t have information about the source of the ingredients
- Most of them are made using low-quality INDUSTRIAL-GRADE INGREDIENTS AND WATER

How to Read a Label

Widely Used Harsh Chemicals

Two widely used ingredients are Chlorine Dioxide and Sodium Chlorite.

Chlorine Dioxide and Sodium Chlorite may be very effective in eliminating bacteria growth, but they are not designed for consumption and the trade-off is not worth the risk. The FDA has received reports of people experiencing serious adverse events after consuming products with Chlorine Dioxide or Sodium Chlorite. And yes, it can be dangerous for your dogs as well.

Oddly Sweet
Dental Care Oral Gel for Dogs

100% made with real human food ingredients, Oddly Sweet Dental Care Oral Gel for Dogs is designed so that you can taste it first.

Fresh Weekly Batches

This is something that our dogs will consume. It shouldn’t be traveling in a container from developing countries to the US that heats up well beyond 110 degrees Fahrenheit for weeks and months.

At Sleepy Cotton, we are very proud to say that 100% of our products are formulated and produced in our own Dallas, TX facilities. Our in-house production allows our products to stay super fresh. Our products do not need to travel for weeks and months in a container. They ship straight from our formulating facilities to your doorstep.

100% In-House Production

100% in-house production offers many benefits, but the most important benefit is being able to fulfill our exceptionally high-quality control standards.

Sleepy Cotton’s certified production team inspects our ingredients, products, and production facilities, not overseas factories with questionable regulations. All batches go through detailed inspection steps before being shipped to you.

Fresh and Active Ingredients

At Sleepy Cotton, we make weekly fresh batches. This means our active ingredients are actually fresh and active. From production to delivery of Sleepy Cotton products at your doorstep, the length of the journey is extremely short.

5 Stage Filtered Purified Water

All Sleepy Cotton products are made with 5 Stage Filtered Purified Water which removes 1000+ contaminants including physical, chemical, biological, and radiological contaminants.

Crystal Clear & Honest
Ingredient Information

Many Companies choose to provide deceptive PARTIAL INGREDIENT LISTS where all the good ingredients are listed but the harsh ones they use are not mentioned.

Making commercially viable 99 - 100% natural products require an incredible amount of research, resources, and investments. This is why many companies choose to settle with ALREADY AVAILABLE GENERIC FORMULAS made with unhealthy ingredients.

At Sleepy Cotton, we only develop products that would impress top-tier researchers to ensure the best health for your fur baby. This is why we only choose to provide FULL INGREDIENT LISTS listing ALL INGREDIENTS.

Full Ingredient List (Not a Partial Ingredient List)

Purified Water, USP Kosher Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin, Kosher Food Grade Sorbitol, Organic Sodium Bicarbonate* (gentle cleaning), Non-GMO Sodium Hexametaphosphate (preventing tartar), Zinc Gluconate (breath freshening), Vaccinium Macrocarpon (Cranberry) Fruit Extract*, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Seed Extract*, Calendula (Marigold) Extract*, Thymus Vulgaris (Thyme) Extract*, Gluten-Free Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate

* organic


Although our dog dental care products are made in our kitchens in Dallas, TX using 100% real human food ingredients, this is a dog dental care product. We designed it for your dog. Not for you.

How to Use

Tasting: Please taste it when it is freshly opened. If not kept properly, the Oral Gel’s tip might get contaminated. Do not taste it if the tip is contaminated.

First, let your dog try tasting a small amount so that they understand what it is. Then squeeze a small amount onto your fingertip or a toothbrush. Gently brush teeth following your dog’s gum line after each meal.

Brushing is not required but it will boost the efficacy by adding a bit of physical action. It is important not to overdo it. Go gentle so that your dog can enjoy the process.


Keep the Oral Gel in a cool, temperature-controlled space without direct sunlight. Make sure not to contaminate the tip of the Oral Gel. Keep it clean and dry.

Carbon Footprint, Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable
Are You Actually Contributing?

It seems like almost all companies are claiming that their operation is clean and environmentally friendly. Are they really? But are they ACTUALLY CONTRIBUTING? Or are they just paying and purchasing these words?

Really Carbon Neutral?

Paying just any company to offset your carbon footprint is not an actual contribution, although we do agree that it’s better than doing nothing. An actual contribution would be taking real measures to reduce your own carbon footprint. You could even start taking dozens of measures this week by using less electricity, recycling your trash, avoiding products with excessive packaging, and using less hot water.

Sleepy Cotton’s Real Contributions

We’re very confident that the total average distance our products travel is one of the shortest in the world, dramatically reducing the actual carbon footprint of our operations.

True Made in USA

100% of Sleepy Cotton products are made in our own Dallas facilities.


For dog dental care only.

Approximately 2 oz.

Processing Time

1 to 5 business days (Mon - Fri). We manually inspect all products two times before shipping out.


- Domestic (U.S.): 1-3 business days (USPS)

- International: 7-14 business days

Products delivered to destinations outside the USA may be subject to taxes, fees, levies or other charges as a result of local legislation or customs formalities and we advise that you check the import charges applicable in any non-USA country before ordering Products to be delivered there.


Please feel free to return undamaged products in their original condition within 30 days.

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