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Healing Coconut Balm


Healing Coconut Balm
Protect & Heal Skin

Time for a tropical health boost! Our Healing Coconut Balm is perfectly formulated to enhance a protective barrier while having an anti-inflammatory effect. Ideally designed to help heal minor wounds and burns, psoriasis, contact dermatitis along with eczema by increasing antioxidants and decreasing oxidative stress. If your dog suffers from allergies, dry skin, or itching from any skin condition, coconut oil can now be your daily solution to improving these.


Reduce Itching
Calm Skin Irritations

Our rich formula of natural coconut oil helps heal irritated skin, hot spots, abrasions, and cracked paws. It also calms skin irritations and soothes allergy irritations the natural way. Plus - it protects from infections with its anti-bacterial properties.


Loads of Benefits

Our Healing Balm is specially formulated to provide loads of benefits to dog’s fragile skin with nutrient-rich natural oils to protect the natural way. Its ability to absorb easily into the skin and fur fulfills missing nutrients that you may not even realize your dog needed! Our Healing Coconut Balm focuses on locking in moisture and smoothing the skin from roughness or cracked areas.


Fight Bacteria & Viruses

Coconut oil is a tropical superfood packed with powerful benefits to the body. It has shown to fight off bacteria, viruses, and fungi with its antimicrobial effects. Coconut oil also helps heal a variety of skin conditions including dry skin, hot spots, abrasions, and cracked paws the natural way.

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True Made in USA

While many companies do not provide necessary information clearly, we proudly state everything.
- All our Sleepy Cotton bath products are made in the USA
- We proudly list ALL our ingredients
- ALL our ingredients are US-made


Key Benefits

- Anti-inflammatory
- Helps heal wounds and burns
- Helps heal psoriasis
- Helps heal contact dermatitis
- Helps heal eczema
- Helps heal irritated skin
- Helps heal hot spots
- Helps heal abrasions and cracked paws
- Calms skin irritations
- Soothe allergies


About Our Healing Coconut Balm

- Made in the USA
- Clear ingredient list
- All US-made ingredients
- GMO-free ingredients
- Naturally derived ingredients
- No harsh chemicals
- No preservatives
- Carefully selected and safe ingredients
- 100% therapeutic-grade essential oil


Made Without

- Petrolatum
- Mineral oil
- Lanolin, parabens
- Phthalates
- Preservatives
- Synthetic fragrances
- Artificial Colors


Quality Above Most Human Grade Products

Sleepy Cotton Skin & Fur Nourishing Melting Balms are made of carefully selected, 100% US-made naturally derived ingredients proven to provide loads of benefits. The quality is above most human-grade products on the market.


Approximately 2 oz



Coconut oil, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, beeswax.



Our Healing Balm is designed to easily melt. Scoop a small amount using your fingertips. Gently massage the irritated skin area so the nutrients can be absorbed.



External use only. If any adverse reaction develops, stop use and contact your vet.


How to Store

Store it in a cool, dry place.


Processing Time

1 to 5 business days (Mon - Fri). We manually inspect all products two times before shipping out.



- Domestic (U.S.): 1-3 business days (USPS)
- International: 7-14 business days
Products delivered to destinations outside the USA may be subject to taxes, fees, levies or other charges as a result of local legislation or customs formalities and we advise that you check the import charges applicable in any non-USA country before ordering Products to be delivered there.



Please feel free to return undamaged products in their original condition within 30 days.


10% of profit is donated to animal shelters across the United States.


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