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10 Dog Breeds That Love Doing Nothing As Much As You Do

10 Dog Breeds That Love Doing Nothing As Much As You Do

Chase Correll | July 23 2018

Do you ever come home giddy with glee to do absolutely nothing? Do you ever wish you could come home and be greeted by a cute little pup that feels the exact same way? Well, you’ve come to the right place. These pups aren’t known for their high energy levels, and they’re perfect for owners who want to lounge on the couch and cuddle. Keep those kale chips out of sight, though, because these lazy dogs may be known to sneak a bite of your snack. Ranging from tiny to giant, these doggos know how to Netflix and chill with the best of them.

Tiny and Small Pups

1. Japanese Chin
    Weight: 7-11 Pounds

    This cute little pup is at the upper crest of the doggy aristocracy. Known for its calm, kind eyes and graceful demeanor, this pup is as noble as it gets. The Japanese Chin will love nothing more than to lounge in your lap while you binge watch Game of Thrones. You know, so you can actually participate in conversations at work. Also, this pup trains easily and maintains a merry demeanor. Coming home from a rough day will be easier when you see your noble pup waiting for you to join it on the couch.

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
    Weight: 10-18 Pounds

    These dogs provide a bright spot to anyone’s day. They’re happy, intelligent, and extremely chill. Even your cranky aunt will love this little pup. The best part about this pup is its quiet nature. Unlike other small dogs, there’s no Napoleon syndrome for this little fella. These Spaniels like to keep it low key. A little romp around the living room is all it takes to make this pup crash on the couch with you.

3. Pug
    Weight: 13-20 Pounds

    Ahh yes, the infamous Pug. Extraordinarily cute and derpy, Pugs are great pups to lounge away the day with. Pugs are sensitive to extreme temperatures and prone to breathing issues, so they’re best suited to an easy, indoor lifestyle. Be especially wary when snacking around your Pug; these pups are known to snatch your snacks, and they gain weight faster than the speed of light. Trying to get a chunky Pug to lose weight is as fruitless a labor as trying to get your great grandma to admit Elvis Presley wasn’t the Devil.

4. Boston Terrier
    Weight: 10-25 Pounds

    These pups only need a brisk, little walk to become the lazy dog they’re meant to be. Once back indoors, they’ll rival Jabba the Hutt’s lounging ability. Of course, they’re much cuter, and their compact little bodies are perfect for owners with smaller apartments. Boston Terriers are intelligent, kid friendly, and easy to train. A perfect pup to chill with.

5. American Cocker Spaniel
    Weight: 24-28 Pounds

    This Stars and Stripes cousin to the English Cocker Spaniel has a calmer demeanor and less exercise needs. However, be ready to groom. This pup’s beautiful coat requires some upkeep. Yet you’ll be won over by this pup’s trainability, intelligence, and kindness. These pups were literally bred to be human companions. They’ll cuddle with you all day while you avoid your friends and watch reruns of the show, Friends.

Medium and Large Pups

6. Bulldog
  Weight: 40-50 Pounds

  These pups may have an intimidating exterior, but on the inside they have hearts of gold. In the end, Bulldogs are cute, wrinkly little fur babies that just want to lie around with their owner. These pups are prone to overheating and have breathing issues like Pugs, so they’re ideal territory is an air conditioned living room and a snuggly couch. Bulldogs are also low maintenance and require little to no grooming. We all have enough primadonnas to deal with, and Bulldogs seem to understand that.

7. Basset Hound
    Weight: 45-65 Pounds

    This pup is a bit of a lazy dog hybrid. It loves to lounge around indoors, but once outside, its primal instincts kick in and it can run and sniff forever. These pups are perfect for owners who want the best of both worlds; a pup that’s active outdoors but relaxed once inside. Not only are Basset Hounds quiet and calm, but they get along well with other pups, too. Plus, when your friends come over to admire your new Basset Hound, you have the opportunity of a lifetime. You get to say, “Ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog!”

8. Bernese Mountain Dog
    Weight: 70-110 Pounds

    While Berners can be quite active as farm pups, they’re also prone to couch potato-itis when given the chance. These pups are loyal, affectionate, seek to please their owners, and are extremely intelligent. You couldn’t have a greater pup to lounge around the house with.

9. Saint Bernard
    Weight: 120-180 Pounds

    This behemoth may intimidate some, but his intentions are pure. Saint Bernards were the original rescue dog, after all. They are incredibly easy to train and obey their owners to a tee. Saint Bernards often dominate dog shows due to their loyalty and obedience, but they’ll also dominate your couch. This giant teddy bear pup will make for a great afternoon of TV and cuddling.

10. Great Dane
    Weight: 100-200 Pounds

    Last but not least, the good ole’ gentle giant; the large and noble, “Apollo of dogs.” Why the Great Dane is nicknamed after the Greek god of the sun makes sense; Apollo rose highest in the sky, while Great Danes, quite literally, rise higher than all other dogs. This pup may be twice as tall as a toddler, but that only means it’s twice as gentle. Great Danes are loyal, sweet, affectionate, and will give you the cuddle sesh you know you deserve.


These pups may be prone to laziness, but they still deserve some daily activity. Whether it’s a short stroll around the neighborhood or some playtime in the living room, it shouldn’t take much to get these pups ready to return to the couch. In our next article, we’ll talk about some active dog breeds that largely abstain from the couch potato lifestyle.