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10 Dog Breeds That Want To Be Worked

10 Dog Breeds That Want To Be Worked

Chase Correll | July 23 2018

If you like to be on the go, and want a companion along the way, find yourself a pup that will join you every step of the way. These active dog breeds want to be worked. They’ll hike, walk, run, fetch, and maybe even dance. Whatever the case, if you enjoy an active lifestyle and are looking for the right pup for you, then consider these active pups.

1. Siberian Husky
    Weight: 35-60 Pounds

    If you live in a colder climate and want a pup made for activity, then find yourself a Siberian Husky. These gorgeous pups, known for their striking blue eyes, were bred as sled dogs. Huskies were born to run, and run, and run. Huskies are also incredibly loyal and make for the perfect companion on a long run or hike. Don’t forget that these pups possess a keen wit and are incredibly intelligent. Huskies never fail to surprise their owners with their unique personalities.

2. Golden Retriever
    Weight: 55-75 Pounds

    These pups love to play fetch. It’s in their name, after all. Golden Retrievers are widely loved for their affectionate smiles and beautiful golden manes. They are kind, loving, friendly with other dogs, and love to run. If you want a loyal companion to take for long walks, or that will get along with other pups at the dog park, then this pup is a prime candidate.

 3. Standard Poodle
    Weight: 45-70 Pounds

    These graceful pups, known for their bourgeois haircuts, are very smart and active. They may appear a bit snobby from afar, but they really only want to play and be your friend. These pups get along well with all types of hoomans, especially ones with active lifestyles. Poodles love to walk, run, hike, and swim. With a Poodle, you’ll have yourself a companion for all sorts of active pursuits.

4. Goldendoodle
    Weight: 50-90 Pounds

    It’s no wonder that the combination of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle leads to another very active pup. Believe me, I speak from experience. My parents own a Goldendoodle that will play fetch for hours on end. He’s 11 years old, yet still maintains the playful activity of a young pup. Goldendoodles love to go for walks, and like their Poodle counterparts, they generally love a good swim. Oh, and did I mention that they’re absolutely gorgeous? I’m not biased, I swear!
5. Dalmatians
  Weight: 48-55 Pounds

  While you may not want one-hundred and one of them, Dalmatians make for an excellent active dog. They have a high energy level and are always up for a long run or walk. Dalmatians are known for their spotted coats and regality, but are also known for their insane endurance. These pups were bred to follow horse carriages, so they can run for miles. This dog breed can be quite mischievous if it doesn’t use up enough energy, so be sure to consider the Dalmatian if you’re highly active.

6. Jack Russell Terrier
    Weight: 13-17 Pounds

    If you want a smaller companion for your active lifestyle, consider the Jack Russell Terrier. These pups may be small, but they’re as active as the energizer bunny. These pups are known for their frisbee catching abilities and will play forever. Determined and highly intelligent, Russell Terriers make great companions for all sorts of outdoor activities.

 7. Border Collie
    Weight: 30-45 Pounds

    Bred to herd sheep and cattle, Border Collies represent the ultimate workaholic. These pups are filled with energy and love to go for long runs or hikes. These pups also dominate canine sports; their intelligence, athletic ability, and obedience is hard for other pups to beat. Like the Jack Russell Terrier, these pups can fly high and snatch frisbees from mid-air. If you’re still not over your college days, and love throwing the friz around, Border Collies make a perfect frisbee partner.

 8. Miniature Pinschers
      Weight: 8-11 Pounds

    What these pups lack in size, they make up for in energy. Originating from Germany, this active dog breed was bred for vermin hunting at farms and stables. A pup needs a lot of energy to be able to track down the ever-agile rat. These pups are fearless, loyal companions that contain loads of energy suitable for all of your active needs.

9. Vizsla
    Weight: 45-65 Pounds

    Vizslas love to run. They also love their human companions. Affectionately nicknamed the “Velcro Vizsla,” this active dog breed makes for a wonderful furry companion that will stay by your side. Not just when your at home, either; Vizslas will stick with you on your active adventures, every step of the way.  

10. Pembroke Welsh Corgi
    Weight: Up to 30 Pounds

    These pups, known for their derpy personalities, can do more than star in a silly, viral video. Not only is the Corgi highly active, and highly adorable, but it also has a legendary status among the Welsh. According to Welsh legend, fairies and elves used the Corgi to pull their fairy carriages, and fairy warriors relied on the Corgi as their trusty steed. While you may not want to use your Corgi as a trusty steed, you can rely that this pup will make a wonderful workout companion.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Whether you want an active pup that’s 15 pounds or 80, there’s one out there that’s perfect for you. Hopefully, this list of 10 active dog breeds allows your search for an active pup to be a tad bit easier!


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