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Dog Days of Summer: How To Keep Your Pup Cool

Dog Days of Summer: How To Keep Your Pup Cool

Veronica DeLisle | July 9 2018

Summer is supposed to be a carefree and worryless time of the year, but your dog’s wellness takes no vacation! What happens when the heat becomes too much to bare for your dog? They deserve a fun-filled summer too, so here are some tips to keep them cool when the temperature rises.

In the House

If you’re headed out to the pool with the family and Fido has to hang back, here are some ways to make sure he’s as comfortable as possible while you’re gone. Keep the blinds down to block the sun from heating up the inside of your house, especially in rooms that get direct sunlight throughout the day. If you can, keep the AC on to minimize heat, but if you’re like me and don’t have this luxury, keep a fan on instead to get the air moving. You can also keep a window cracked to let the air flow through your home to prevent it from getting too stuffy. Make sure to top off the water bowl with cold water! You can even throw some ice cubes in the dish to make sure it stays cold while you’re gone.

In the Yard

If you and your dog want to relax on the porch while the weather is warm, be sure to bring out the water dish in case they get too hot. If you have trees in your yard that provide shade for your pup to rest in, great! If not you can make your own shady spot by hanging up a tarp or using a shade screen. A doghouse isn’t a great option because it can trap the heat inside it rather than provide a cooling shade. If it’s really hot outside, you can fill up a kiddie pool with cold water and let your dog cool their paws off in it. Additionally, one of my favorite things to do for my pup is make ice cubes with treats inside them for him to eat to cool off!

On the Go

Not everyone has a yard for their dogs to run around in (me included), so walks are a must! If you have to take your dog for a walk and the weather is searing, try to plan the outing earlier or later in the day when the sun isn’t so harsh. Always check the pavement with your own hand; if it’s too hot for you then it’s definitely too hot for your dog’s paws (you can read more about how to take care of your dog’s paws on Sleepy Cotton’s blog). Bring a water bottle and a collapsible water bowl as well! Your pup will thank you when you stop for a quick drink under the sun’s rays.

Signs of Overheating

Sometimes our dogs get too excited and the heat gets to be too much for them. These are some of the signs that they are overheating:

  • Heavy panting
  • Heavy drooling
  • Trouble breathing
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Dark or red gums and tongue
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness
  • Agitation

If your pup shows any of these signs, get them to your vet right away! Summertime should be fun for everyone, including your four-legged friend!


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