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Health, Skin, and Anti-Aging Benefits: Why Frankincense Oil Makes Sense

Health, Skin, and Anti-Aging Benefits: Why Frankincense Oil Makes Sense

Chase Correll | June 29 2018

We all know the story of the three wise men, and how they brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. These wise men understood how essential each of these gifts were for that special baby resting in the manger. What if I told you that one of those gifts could also be an essential gift for the fur baby you have resting at home? The gift in question is frankincense. After you read this article, you’ll feel wise to apply some frankincense oil to your pup’s skin and coat. That’s because frankincense boasts a wonderful array of beneficial effects that keep your dog’s wellness in check.

Health Benefits

Frankincense is a special, essential oil because it’s well known for its low potency. That means it’s a very gentle oil for your special friend. The gentle aroma of frankincense is great for keeping your dog calm and easing anxiety. Frankincense oil is also used to aid in reducing tumors and preventing cancer. Research from the University of Leicester, in England, demonstrates the effectiveness of using frankincense as an aid for treating cancer. Not only is frankincense oil a helpful anti-tumor agent, but it also helps treat external ulcers on your pup’s legs and skin and offers a boost to its immune system.

Aromatic Benefits

Not only does the gentle, pleasant aroma of frankincense help to soothe your pup’s nerves, but it also does wonders for its respiratory system. The antidepressant and anti-inflammatory properties help to relax your dog’s airways and breathing passages. If your poor little pup suffers from asthma, or other breathing issues, a little bit of frankincense oil can go a long way!

Anti-Aging And Skin Benefits

Take note that frankincense also acts as an astringent. An astringent contracts skin and tissues, which provides a multitude of benefits for your dog’s wellness and health. Benefits like toning of the skin, strengthening of the hair/coat, and contraction of muscles, intestines, and blood vessels. Not only that, but frankincense is also categorized as a cytophylactic. That’s fancy-science speak for something that helps to regenerate and maintain healthy cells and tissues. The cytophylactic properties of frankincense makes it an essential anti-aging oil.
All of these anti-aging benefits aid your pup in preventing premature loss of teeth or hair, and help to combat effects of aging. Yet perhaps the most important property of frankincense is its ability to act as a coagulant, which means it can help stop bleeding from cuts and wounds. So if your pup ever gets a boo-boo, then apply some frankincense oil onto the wound. The frankincense will help clean and disinfect your fur baby’s wounds because it contains natural, antiseptic properties.

The Best Way To Apply Frankincense Oil

An easy and effective way to boost your dog’s health is by using dog shampoo that contains frankincense. It’ll be like knocking out two birds with one stone. Your dog will be fresh and squeaky clean, while also benefiting from everything frankincense has to offer. Shampoos like Sleepy Cotton’s Dog Detox Shampoo Bar contain that essential frankincense oil that boosts your pup’s health and wellness.