The First and Only
Clean Dog Skincare Brand

Dog Skincare Startup
Sleepy Cotton

We, hoomans care for our skin. But what about our fur babies? Sleepy Cotton is the first and only clean dog skincare startup based in Dallas, TX.

The Analytical Way,
not the Caveman Way

Did you know that our fur babies have hypersensitive skin? Dog’s skin is only 3 to 5 cells thick; whereas a humans is between 10 to 15 cells thick. Naturally, products made with harsh chemicals will start to damage your dog’s healthy skin.

At Sleepy Cotton, our focus is not sourcing a cheap detergent and slapping on the dog safe label with cute designs. Our focus is sourcing the best quality ingredients from trusted US-based suppliers. We only select the most gentle and natural ingredients available after careful analyzing steps to craft true dog skincare products that you and your dogs will love and enjoy.

True Made in USA

- All our products are produced in Sleepy Cotton facilities in Dallas, TX -

- Products are formulated by Sleepy Cotton formulators -

- Products are quality checked by Sleepy Cotton artisans -

Sleepy Cotton donates 10% of profit to animal shelters across the United States. Support our furry friends in need!

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