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Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy: Daily Walks

Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy: Daily Walks

Veronica DeLisle | July 31 2018

As most if not all dog owners know, dog wellness leads to dog longevity, and what better way for your pup to stay healthy than their favorite time of the day: walk time! Here are some reasons why walk time is actually key to dog longevity, and how you can allot the correct exercise time for them!

Why Walks?

Just like with humans, dogs require exercise to keep their bodies fit and working properly. Daily exercise helps their bodies and metabolic systems to function properly throughout their lives. Dogs run the risk of become obese without daily exercise which can lead to larger health problems in the future such as joint or muscle problems. Check out Sleepy Cotton’s Upcycled Core leash for the healthiest walk possible! The other big reason to take your pup out on walks: so that they aren’t bored sitting inside all day! Imagine wandering the same rooms over and over again without any change; nothing new to smell or play with. Taking your dog outside for walks allows them to explore new terrain and prevents boredom which can ultimately lead to destructive behavior.

How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need?

Every dog is different and will need a different amount of exercise, just as every person needs their own workout routine that best suits them. Dog wellness comes in all shapes and sizes! For starters, the breed of your dog can help you determine how much exercise they may need. The types of dogs that require the most activity are herding dogs, hunting dogs and working dogs. Typically these breeds are shepards, retrievers, terriers, hounds and collies. Surprisingly, large dogs like mastiffs and Great Danes do not need as much exercise as they are not typically that active. Click here to read Sleepy Cotton’s article on active breeds, and here for the article on non-active breeds to find out which category your pup falls under.
Active dog breeds need to be worked to be happy, otherwise you may find your house in shreds when you leave them alone for too long. Tiring them out with walks is a great way to have some restful time with your active pup! Walks are also important for lazier breeds as obesity can be a problem for them. Make sure that you’re taking them out for a short walk to keep their joints moving for a long time to come! If you have a short-nosed breed like a pug or bulldog, be aware of their health as they can be subjected to breathing problems due to their squished snout. They do not normally need as much exercise either though. All dogs love a little playtime, so find some time during your day to get out the tennis ball or rope to spend some quality time with your pup!

How Do I Fit Walks Into My Schedule?

Considering a majority of people have day jobs and aren’t able to come home to take their dogs out for their midday walks, how are we supposed to give our pups the exercise they need? Well, finding a local dog walker is a great way to give you dog their healthy walk. It usually isn’t too expensive, and a lot of dog walking companies require potential employees to submit references and verify they’re good with pets. Doggie daycare is also an option, although it can be a little pricier. It’s a good backup to have or a once a week deal to use. If neither of these options are best for you, try finding some mind-stimulating toys to leave for your pup to ward off boredom. Puzzle toys with treats inside or squeaky toys to play with are great for keeping them occupied while you’re away!

Bottom Line

No matter how you do it; walks, toys, fetch, dog parks or swimming, giving your dog daily exercise is necessary for a healthy dog. If you want to keep your loving pup around as long as possible, make sure to take the steps required to keeping them healthy!